One-on-One Practitioner Support


Holistic Birthing Journey

with Jennifer Caravella

Intergrative Therapy for Mothers, Babies & Families

with Nina Ketscher

Grief Support

To support you through any kind of grief and to heartfully re-engage with life ~ Carmella B’Hahn

Holistic Birth Preparation (The Inner Work)

For parents-to-be with Carmella B’Hahn

common questions

We offer online consultations via Skype or Zoom according to the discretion of the therapist
Each of our therapists offer varying session length to be arranged individually
We ensure that each of our therapist has full insurance
You may come for one session and stop there, or you may like to continue over a period of time
All sessions are confidential
Please fill out the form at the bottom of each therapists page. You will then be contacted by the therapist to schedule an appointment
Each therapist has different rates. Some therapists offer a sliding scale.
Please take your time to read about each form of therapy and therapist on our website. You may also contact us if you have any question or would like to find out more.