Holistic Birthing Journey

Jennifer Caravella

Holistic Birthing Journey

The holistic birthing journey offers personal guidance into a deepened state of balance and wellbeing during your pregnancy. Rooted in the 4 bodies, Jennifer works one-on-one with you to help cultivate a nourishing and balanced lifestyle during this deeply transformational phase of your life. She integrates psychosomatics, meditation and breathing techniques, nutritional healing, circadian movement, qigong, yoga, and whole body alignment to help lay the groundwork to warmly welcome a new human into this world.

The intention behind this practice is to help mothers-to-be align with the ebb and flow of nature, her own body, as well as the subtle energetic body and consciousness of her baby. It is through the integration and practice of daily habits that support a calm nervous system, strengthen the immune system, and cultivate mind/body presence that a mother is better prepared to embrace her vital role in raising a child.

Jennifer is an herbalist and healer with an international teaching background in qigong, kung fu, and holistic health. She has a degree in anthropology and has spent the last decade living amongst various cultures, while studying local and traditional herbal medicine. She is the owner of Waking Bird, a Portuguese company that features sustainable cosmetics, wild herbal remedies, and personal wellness consulting.

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