Recieve Support and Learning from our Birth professionals and feel held in a group of women embarking on the Birth Journey Together from pre conception, throughout your pregnancy, to the first year after childbirth

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If you are embarking on the birth journey and feel ready to move into a more empowered state, please dare to join.

The intention for this supportive online gathering, is to become a vessel in which a kind of alchemy can take place.

Relationship building, learning from experts and community. But most of all how to help YOU prepare for this life changing event in the most beautiful and empowering way possible

Each Month You Will Recieve

Monthly Antenatal Q and A session
with Lina Clarke
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Mothering You Support Group
Mother Yourself while you bring a new being into the world
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Webinar from one of Our Birth Professionals
On a different relevant topic each month
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Your Team

Lina Clarke

Hello, my name is Lina. For many years I lived and worked in Australia, and now I am based in West Sussex, UK. I have over 30 years experience as a Holistic Therapist, Childbirth Educator, Birth Attendant (Doula), Registered Midwife and Bowen Technique Therapist. I enjoy working with all people (not only mothers and babies) to help them achieve optimum health and wellbeing. I have had the great privilege of spending much of my adult life helping women birth with dignity and respect (accompanied by partners who are well prepared and supportive) and helping babies to be born gently into a loving and compassionate environment. I feel truly grateful to have shared many deep moments of vulnerability and presence with mothers as they navigate the journey into parenthood

Sara Devoy

Sara has facilitated group work since the early 90s included specialist work for those with miscarriage and early infant loss. Sara incorporates compassionate meditation, Polarity energy exercises, partner yoga and gentle craniosacral approaches. In response to the first lockdown last year, Sara started Mothering YOU, the holistic circle for mums to be and new mothers. As a mother of three Sara knows how vital circles of support can be. “Parenting ourselves is the key to parenting” says Sara. “I am convinced that when mums acknowledge their own nurturing needs and soften into joyful authentic connection, there is a ripple effect that extends both forward and backward in our history.” Birth and parenting practices that honour the sentience of the baby, is not just a cosy luxury but a huge factor for the positive future of our planet.