Mothering You

A holistic support group for new mums and mums to be


Start date to be announced

How can this Group support you?

The more we nurture ourselves, the more we can offer our unborn or newborn baby.

Mothering You is a place to discover the true value of being ‘held’ without judgment, to help you navigate the rocky road of becoming a parent and settling into the chaotic first year. Those of us on the Birth Journey team are here because firstly we have been born and have encountered first hand the impact of challenging and positive birth imprints!

We are not here to teach or preach but to meet you heart to heart. To explore together how we wish to mother and to be mothered. To help you to gather the confidence to flourish at any stage of the birth journey, from preconception to the first year for mum and baby. Sometimes we need to go back to go forward.


Over the weeks together we will explore

i) Calming and meditative ways to connect with your baby.

ii) How to settle your nervous system to benefit you, your family and baby

iii) Reawaken your joyful heart and inner resources to parent both yourself and your little one.

Each month we will also bring to you an expert in their field to workshop a different area of interest and awareness so that you can enrich your own experience and therefore your babies 🙂

Our special guests will come to offer yoga, art therapy, relationship support, prenatal bonding, the importance of heartfelt communication, baby massage, Breast feeding tips, homeopathy, Shiatsu and more.

Sara Devoy

Registered Member of the Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists (IACST), Qualified Polarity Therapist and Integrative Baby Therapist and Pre and Perinatal practitioner.

Creating joyful connection and recognizing the spark in others is Sara’s gift!

Sara has worked with Shirley Ward, a student of Frank Lake, and has studied intensively with Dr William Emerson in Switzerland. Her Biodynamic Craniosacral training at the Karuna Institute with Franklyn Sills and Cherionna Menzam-Sills further embodied this work. Sara continued to specialise in Integrative Baby Therapy (IBT) with Matthew Appleton and Jenny Meyer of Conscious Embodiment trainings as well as numerous shorter courses with Mia Kalef, Ray Castellino and others.

Working online and in person, Sara offers one on one work for adults, children and babies. Sara has facilitated group work since the early 90s included specialist work for those with miscarriage and early infant loss. Sara incorporates compassionate meditation, Polarity energy exercises, partner yoga and gentle craniosacral approaches.

In response to the first lockdown last year, Sara started Mothering YOU, the holistic circle for mums to be and new mothers. As a mother of three Sara knows how vital circles of support can be. “Parenting ourselves is the key to parenting” says Sara.

Birth and parenting practices that honour the sentience of the baby, is not just a cosy luxury but a huge factor for the positive future of our planet.