Thriving Through Grief

A five-week series of shared experiences to help you find resilience in the fire of grief


Beginning 24th February

How can this Group support you?

If you are grieving an abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, baby/child loss (or any other loss) and feel ready to move into a more empowered state, please dare to sign up.

The intention for this small, supportive online gathering, of no more than 6 participants, is to become a crucible in which a kind of alchemy can take place, leaving you closer to peace with your departed loved one and your loss.

Each 1.5 hour event will have a theme and there will be a mixture of sharing, listening, insightful input and practical tools. Carmella will draw on resources gathered over 30 years of working with personal transformation, grief and relationship building.

Content of the Course

Week 1 Weaving the Web and Finding Self

  • Connecting to create our group ‘web’ and addressing, ‘Who am I beyond my story of loss?’

Week 2 Carrying the Light in the Dark

  • Asking, ‘What is my balance of sadness and joy?’ Remembering our light places and savouring nature’s healing metaphors.

Week 3 Thriving Through Grief: The Keys

  • Sharing keys to what sustains us when in grief. What practical tools can we use to help us thrive and breakthrough rather than break down?

Week 4

Addressing Incompletions

  • Time won’t heal incompletions so let’s plan what’s needed, e.g. a simple ritual or ceremony, speaking the unspoken, releasing or embodying something.

Week 5 Wisdom Gathering and Leave-taking

  • Sharing completion rituals/activities. What wisdom are we taking forward? Gratitudes, farewells and retaining connection.

Carmella B’Hahn

Having lived through the death by drowning of my first son, Benjaya, aged five, followed by two miscarriages and the deaths of several other close loved ones, I have come to believe the grief journey can be akin to alchemy ~ defined as

‘The art of transmutation from base metal to gold’.

Yes, I was seared by the fire of grief but emerged stronger than before with an unshakable trust in grief as a transformative tool and a desire to help others break through rather than breaking down.

Since 2000, I have had a private practice ~ Solace ~ to do just this and have facilitated many workshops on the topic. Parents who have experienced baby/child loss have always gravitated towards me.

I also learned a great deal by interviewing extraordinary people from around the world about how they raised a personal phoenix, and by writing two books about healing from loss. These books led me to become a consultant with the Inner Resilience Project supporting New York city educators grieving the death of loved ones in the twin tower atrocities of September 11, 2001.

Carmella’s books on thriving through grief:

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